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Drafting and Negotiating Real Estate Purchase Contracts

Buying or selling real property requires making well-informed decisions. As a buyer or seller, you need to understand the terms of the transaction and take every available step to protect your interests through a solid purchase contract. That way, should problems arise before or after closing, you will not be left vulnerable. There are many forms of real estate contracts being used in South Florida. Making the right choice of contract will benefit all parties involved. It will avoid complications and help ensure a smooth closing. The most favorable way to present a contract or to purchase a property is by using the “AS IS” residential contract or format. With an as-is purchase, a buyer may do a complete inspection of the property within the inspection period, and he or she may cancel if the inspection reveals anything unacceptable.

Lay the Contractual Foundation for Success

Miami-based attorney Norma Echarte is eminently qualified to help you lay the legal foundation for a favorable transaction. She can represent you in the negotiation, drafting or review of your real estate purchase contract. Ms. Echarte concentrates her practice on commercial and residential
real estate closings, with a special focus on condominium transactions. Her accomplished career in real estate law spans more than two decades. As a result, she understands the nuances that go into negotiating and drafting a strong purchase agreement.

A Thorough Approach Toward Protecting Your Interests

A savvy negotiator, attorney Norma Echarte takes a thorough approach to addressing
all aspects of a proposed transaction, including:

  • Negotiating key contract provisions such as price, points, closing costs and other terms
  • Drafting the purchase agreement to fit the needs of all parties to the transaction, in accordance with Florida law
  • Reviewing (and countering) agreements offered by other parties
  • Anticipating tax issues, such as
    FIRPTA implications for transactions involving foreign sellers
  • Conducting a thorough
    title search for liens and defects
  • Analyzing inspection reports, permit and code violations, and environmental issues
  • Examining seller disclosures, representations and warranties
  • Issuing owner’s title and lender’s title insurance
  • Reviewing mortgage loan packages
  • Preparing and reviewing all closing documents
  • Coordinating the closing with lenders, owners or developer agents
  • Providing settlement agent (closing agent) services, including on-site closings

Ms. Echarte is also a skilled problem-solver and litigator who can resolve legal entanglements or uphold your rights in court should a dispute arise. She takes a hands-on approach, devoting her personal attention to every client from the very beginning rather than farming off the work to paralegals. She personally reviews the inspection reports, barters with opposing lawyers and handles disputes. Discuss your pending real estate purchase with an accomplished and client-focused attorney. Call 305-755-7440 to arrange a free consultation. Our firm handles transactions across South Florida.

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